Bringing it all together

We work closely with our clients to guide your project from ideation to implementation.  We start by understanding your business, market, and product goals in order to assemble a specialized team with the right mix of skills make your project a success.

Focus Areas

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Enterprise SaaS
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mobile Games

Design Services

  • User Research
  • Process Mapping
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Interface Design
  • Usability Testing

Application Development

  • Project Management
  • Native iOS and Android
  • Responsive Web Applications
  • LAMP & MEAN Stack
  • API Integrations
  • QA Testing

Marketing Services

  • Brand Development
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Print & Online Ad Design
  • Email Marketing

Sample Projects

SF Heroes Gamification for Disaster Preparedness

SF Heroes – Gamification of Disaster Preparedness

CosmiCube’s REACH Platform is powering Gamification in Government with its flagship app, SF Heroes, built for the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management.  SFDEM has leveraged the REACH Platform to create a more resilient community by motivating residents to become prepared in the event of an emergency and by providing easy access to city information networks.  They now have a mobile platform for unifying access and messaging across a variety of community organizations.   Read the press release.
The SF Heroes app leverages all the REACH components to educate and engage the public on a variety of levels.

  • The custom city map highlights important civic services
  • Quizzes teach preparedness skills, earthquake best practices, and even proper fire extinguisher use.
  • QR codes are used to acknowledge completion of courses offered through organizations such as NERT and the Red Cross
  • Event & location check-ins inform about upcoming classes and gatherings while helping residents to get to know their neighborhood
  • Preparedness checklists encourage residents to gather emergency supplies and secure their space.
  • Social links connect users to important Facebook, Twitter and website channels where they can obtain important city information and ge involved with their community
  • The emergency address book provides quick access to important contacts
  • The Facebook leaderboards promotes sharing and friendly competition within social circles

Rockem’ Sockem’ Robots™ for Mattel®

CosmiCube helped Mattel and OneStepMobile take this classic kids boxing game to the mobile platform.  Our team provided full-service development including game design, 3D modeling & animation, UI design and Unity iOS and Android development for this 4-in-one skill-building game.  The app is receiving high reviews and was featured by Daily App Show.

Build your robot’s skills in the areas of Strength, Defense, Style, and Stamina by completing mini games each offering 4 levels of difficulty.  The training gym is robot-style, featuring fun details like a gum ball machine speed bag, or a car punching bag.  Progress through training unlocks special abilities to be used in the ring where you increase your rank by fighting against three levels of AI opponents.  Hone your skills and Knock his Block Off!


4 prototype games for Mattel®

CosmiCube provided game design, 3D modeling, 3D animation, 2D animation, UI design, and prototype application development on game concepts through OneStep Mobile for Mattel.

Rebound a 3D multiplayer physics slider based on the classic tabletop board game, for iPad and Android tablets.

Whac-a-Mole added a cute twist on the traditional kids quick-response game for iPhone and Android phones.

SkipBo brought the classic multiplayer card game to iOS and Android phones.

Little People Zoo a 2D animated iPad experience featuring 6 mini games in one educational virtual environment.

FretApps: Modes 101

Modes 101 offers an innovate approach to learning scale theory on the guitar.  This product was a collaborative effort between CosmiCube and Mark Newstetter, a local musician and instructor, who had a vision for transforming his unique teaching approach into an interactive mobile experience.

In a unique collaboration of mutual learning, Mark provided the music theory and artwork for the app while CosmiCube consulted on UI/product design and provided iOS development services.  The app offers many layers of learning through sound and visual interaction, quick reference mini-lessons, and in-app blog access.




We frequently work in a white-label fashion with startups and large businesses who prefer to keep their designs proprietary under NDA, and for that reason, we do not include images in our online portfolio.  Below are a few representative projects our teams have completed.


Trade Show iPad App

A semiconductor company needed a user-driven slideshow app for their conference and trade shows.  This collaborative project with First Person firm combined unique menus, stylish graphics, and embedded videos.

Whiteboard iPad app for Symantec

In collaboration with their internal product design team, we assisted with solving development challenges in transitioning a desktop drawing and whiteboarding tool to the iPad platform.   The product required extensive core animation, drawing, and layered canvas operations.  We also helped to support collaborative proprietary file sharing between the mobile and desktop platforms.

iPad prototype for TravelKnowledge

Working closely with the core founder team of a new startup, CosmiCube provided ground-up product design and iPad demo development work which helped to refine the company vision and assist with initial funding efforts.  Design addressed dynamic image and article display, mapping, content collections, bookmarking and trip planning.

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